The war of Pacificia, Started on 2016 March 3rd. The war took place on the Eastern Side of Australia.

The Beginning of the Horror Edit

On June 21st 2015, The Belizement Unions (A series of rebels) Started a raid in Northern Australia,    
Causing a lot of commotions, The Australian International Police Killed all 690 Rebels after 4 days    
of face off against the Rebel. This caused great commotions in the world. A series of Strikes and    
rebels started few weeks after the incident. The Oceania Unions decided on this matter and spoke with   
 the Australian prime minister, Jorge Robbino. Robbino's response was a truly mistake. A speech that    
had offended almost all Oceanians. " We do not give in, We do not care, We do not justify. Crimes must   
 be stopped even if you must use force. We do not care if you are innocent, We do not care if you   
 didn't do anything, We will take actions if you are at the Scene. You people of the world, Be more   
 smarter, And face to reality. Idiots." -July 13th 2015, Jorge Robbino. This provoked the Strikers,   
 and many countries.

The Raid of Cook Islands Edit

July 27th 2015. Cook Islands... Is as peaceful as ever, People on vacation, Relaxing, Getting to hang out with friends. This all ended by the Raid of Cook Islands. This day, Cook Islands was suddenly attacked by a whole fleet of battleships, Setting out to southern Cook Islands and landing. This is, Robbino's doing. The Raid killed Over 1000 Citizens, and injured more. This is considered to be the Declaration of War. The battleships were Australia Marine Force 21's and Raided the whole Country of Cook Islands, after 2 weeks. The raid ended. By then, War has began.

War of Newtonia Edit

See War of Newtonia.

Rebels of East 2015 - 2016 Edit

After the War of Newtonia, The United Nations took actions.On December 23rd The United States sent out 5000 Troops to Australia and Began a series of Guarding the Central City, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne. This broke out a war between The police and the citizen, And the Rebels were once again on the streets of Australia. This happened all in only one week after the US Troops were sent to Australia. Christmas wasn't white anymore, It was Red. Several were injured in the brawl and 200 citizens were injured and several has died. The Rebel continued. As a result, On January 24th, Jorge Robbino was attacked by an assassinator. The News was on for a long time.Jorge was injured severely and the whole nation was panicking. As they are panicking. The Oceania Unions are already planning their next move.

The Invasion of Brisbane Edit

On February 27th,2016 The international Army force of Fiji attacked Brisbane. and on the same day, The Mayor of Brisbane was shot to death. It was a horror day. And a start of a New war. Destruction is severe, Kurt Kulemule (Secretary of Defense in Australia) Sent out orders to The army forces to defend Brisbane. The Fiji Army were defeated in an matter of hours. But some soildrers still remain in Brisbane.

Declaration of War on Australia Edit

On March 3rd 2016, The Oceanian Unions declared War on Australia, While Jorge is still recovering from his injuring. This battle is a great disadvantage for Australia, Since most of the Citizens were supporting the Unions instead of their own nations. Most Civilians were brought to Several Islands of Oceania for refuge. So then the War began. The President of USA, Barrack Obama declared that they will stay out of this one. The Australians see no allies for help. As the War continued. Australia is losing greatly.on March 12th, Robbino recovered. He is set to be transfered to New Zealand for Refuge. But the Unions already captured many ports and airports in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. The Army of Autralia each surrendered and The Autralian's Nation Is in its vague state.

War of Pacificia Edit

The Destruction was great to Australia, same with the Oceanian Unions. The war continued for several months, Jorge Robbino had no where to escape, And was captured by the Oceanian Unions. He was questioned, And was said to be the maker of this war. The troops of the Unions has already captured many cities in the North East australia, And there has been many battles in the Southern Australia also. By May 1st. Over 130 Towns and Cities has already been captured by the Unions. This war is getting great attention on the world. As the impact, Australila lost 12 Billion budget on this war.

The End of the Pacificia War. Edit

on June 21st Jorge Robbino Surrendered. And ended the war. He was sentenced to 12 years In prison for Creating Injsutice, Invasion of allied nations, and dicatatoring Australia. The Battle was Grave and over 10000 People lost their lifes. Although the War only lasted for about 3 months, The destruction is severe. This is one of the most Crazy wars australia and the nations in the Pacific Ocean experienced during those days.