The war of Newtonia, occured on the August 14th. With Australia and Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand. The war occured in New Zealand and Several Nations across the pacific ocean.

The Prologue Edit

See War of Pacificia

The Actions Edit

Solomon Islands made a alliance with Cook Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand. The battle was small but very important to the Small nations of Oceania. After the Raid of Cook, Solomon Islands sent out spies into Australia, This was discovered by the Australian International Army Force Very fast. Thus made Solomon Islands and Australia Enemies. New Zealand Prime Minister, John MacDonald. Declared that there will be no mercy between Them and Australia, Since Australia raided Cook Islands. As an Ally New Zealand has to do something. But this all changed when A secret meeting between Jorge Robbino and John MacDonald took place on August 13th, The next Day, Both New Zealand and Australian forces invaded Solomon Islands. As this is Happening, Vanuatu attacked New Zealand. Since New Zealand was afraid of the fright in Their on nation. They Retreated. But Solomon Islands pushed on. Even into threatening the Prime Minister John MacDonald. John MacDonald Was scared and Gave 50 Million to Solomon Islands Government as an Apology. New Zealand will stay out of this one They thought. But they had lost more. They lost the Alliance, Money, And Respect.  Australia Retreated also due to International Issues also on August 19th. The War Lasted Very Short. But Peace, Was there for only about 3 Months. And then Chaos Happened once again.