The Beginning Edit

There are several theories regarding the start of WWI.

  • Spongebob's assassination.
  • The Serbian leader's suicide after listening to Jonas Brothers music.
  • Jesus did it...we're still trying to figure out how the makes sense...

France's Surrender Edit

France surrendered roughly a week into the conflict. Ironicly, nobody had even known that they were a part of it and their surrendly was largely ignored by both the Central powers and Allied powers.

France's Second Surrender Edit

Since nobody payed attention to their first surrender, France surrendered again. Germany took advantage of this and quickly occupied it. Not a single shot was fired except by Steven the town dumbass. The Jews were treated with extra care and sent to camps where they were given the greatest treatments and given a lot of freedom.

The Actual Fighting Starts Edit

Germany heads straight into Italy and blows up a few cities. The Germans would later say that this was "accidental". Despite the fact that there were many people who had witnessed the Germans planting explosives all over the cities they were thought to be telling the truth. Getting to Italy itself took a while considering Germany forgot about the existance of Switzerland. The Swiss people were thought to only be a legend until late 1914 when American scientist Steven Stephen Stevenson traveled there and proved its existance. This prompted Germany to invade Switzerland but they realized that no existing map shows Switzerland on a map. The rest of the war was fought in trenches across France and Germany because they thought that trenches would be nice places to live and take breaks when they were tired. This was proven false as many people died of diseases during their time in the trenches. Every single government claimed that it was mearly coincidental even though the evidence that trenches were terrible places was immense. When the year turned to 1915 Ronald McDonald decided to start his military career for the Americans. The Americans still weren't in the war. During this point in WWI they claimed that they would do fighting eventually.

America Does Something Edit

America decides to do something by invading France. It took 3 months to realize that they weren't supposed to be fighting the French. American president George D. Bush had this to say about the event: "Whoops."

The War Ends Edit

After 4 years of fighting people realized that they were literaly fighting over nothing and went home. George D. Bush claimed that if you surrender now that the terrorists would win despite the fact that terrorism had nothing to do anything in the war. He also claimed that one day another "great" American leader would lead the fight against terrorism.

The Aftermath Edit

George D. Bush realizes the French aren't terrorists.

Allied casualties: 5

Central casualties: 5 1/2

Bikini Bottom Nazi Party casualties: 13 1/2