The Iranian Conflict started when withdrawing U.S. troops opened fire on an Iranian camp west of the border. It took place in Iran.

The Good and The BadEdit

The United States never intended to attack Iran. An order was changed by an undercover terrorist, and when it was received by the troops, they fired. Iran struck back with troops, planes, and tanks. They said it was "A completely unnecessary action" and "A violation of human rights". Apparently, the country was purified from corruption after the troops started leaving.


Iran attacked the US at 3:00PM on 7/21/2012. Their main arms were RPDs and AK-74s, but they also used outdated MP5s and G36Ks. US was ordered to defend their base. US used a wide range of M16s, MP5s, and pistols. the fuck is this?

The August 15 LossEdit

On August 15, 2012, the United States lost a major base. It was a surprise attack. The attack started when an Iranian sniper took out General Gordon Baker, one of the base leaders. Then, a heavy rocket attack destroyed the air field. They rockets came from Iranian RHѠ 177 rocket tanks. The heavy blasts set off some artillery shells, setting the base on fire. The US did fire back, with M1 Abrams tanks and other weapons, like 20mm AA guns. Iran used one Mi-24 Hind helicopter gunship, which took out almost all of the US's tanks and infantry. Then, an artillery strike came from long range 240mm cannons, which finished off the Americans. Then, the US lost the base.