Scottish solider in defense of Northern Scottish Coast

The Icelandic Holocuast was when Iceland attempted to control Europe, and Africa. It started with the unexpected raid on scotland in 1961. The war lasted 2 months when iceland ran out of manpower and supplies.

First ShotEdit

On July 2, 1961, Icleandic Forces raided Thruso. After 4:30 a.m, the British called the Northern Scottish Armed Forces to fight the raidders. The Icelanders faiced heavy casulties, losing 1200 men. The British lost only 500 men.

War Turns to AfricaEdit

When the Icelandic Parliment agreed to send 2000 troops to take the Ivory Coast for iceland, the African Empire was outraged. They sent 20,000 men to couterattack. The Icelandic army had to retire troops in Africa.

The SurrenderEdit

On August 5, 1961, Icleand surrendered to The African Empire and Britain. Iceland lost 15,000 men and have only militia to defend the country