The Armenian-Byzanine war was a armed revolt of the "Western Armenians" against Byzantine empire which was just about to witness the end of its western catholic counterpart. The Byzantines were aware of a future invasion of Armenia which were into Persian propaganda. Persia did not get involved but armed the Armenians in their war for nothing.

{{Infobox |Box title = Armenian-Byzantine War |Row 1 title = Belligerents : |Row 1 info = Persia + Armenian Revolutioneers VS Byzantine Empire |Row 2 title = Casualties : |Row 2 info = 500.00 |Row 3 title = Date : |Row 3 info = 19th of May 428 - 22nd of 434 |Row 4 title = Result : |Row 4 info = victory, the Armenians win but are betrayed by the Persians.


The Byzantines started to force the Armenians to split. Today what we knew as "Armenia" was west and east, divided between both powers of Persia and the Roman Empire. Armenia was a strong country, which was defeated by Rome and then given to the empires of Persia and Constantinople. The Persians ended up promising the Armenians a land of their own to rule to Caucasia. Many Armenians would reject the offer to end violent affairs but the Persians ended up persuading them at the end. The Persians gave them armor and weapons to fight with. Armenia would declare independence, if not recognised the war of Armenia would begin. But the Byzantines refused to acknowledge the new state and sent troops to Theodosiopolis and Trebzon.

First Battle of the Mt. AraratEdit

on February of 430 The Byzantines met the Armenian army near Mt. Ararat. Armenian leader tried to go close to negociate but It was too early for peace. The Byzantine army swooped into the battle at Mt. Ararat and ended up killing 250 Armenians with only 10 casaulties of Byzantines. The Armenians saw this as a declaration of war and sent troops to occupy Trebzon.

Battle of the east LykosEdit

On the Armenian way into Pontus, they were stopped by the army of a Byzantine leader who wished for peace between the two. The leader was kind and gave them some food and suplies. An army of 4.000 greeting the fellow Armenian army of 400. The Armenians did not trust the army, even that could not persuade them. " Tricks might not do as well to our race " yelled the Armenian General. Outnumbered, the Armenians managed to escape killing half of their army and left with about 100 people.

Battle of PelitliEdit

Armenians had occupied the towns of Pelitli and was waiting for a comeback of the Byzantines. A men of 100 suddenly marched in Pelitli to get a rest. 700 men guarded the town of Pelitli. And the Byzantines invaded from Trebzon with a force of 1.300 men.

The Byzantines massacred the Armenian people there and lost. The army and the City where both too powerful to begin with. Armed with swords and bows. All of the Byzantine men were either dead or wounded. Armenian troops were cut by 700.